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Fiber Optic Networks

Solution offer flexibility in the design

Fiber Optic Networks are the most reliable mode of communication backbone and offers many benefits including high bandwidth, low attenuation, faster speed, electrical isolation, no cross-talk, secure data transmission and it ensures that connections can be made over very long distances with excellent transmission quality.

Active networking components

Active (powered) networking products communications devices, such as Ethernet switches and routers, protocol converters and copper to fibre media converters.

Testing, and Documentation

Ethernet Network

Designing and installing a complete structured wiring system project, using CAT 6 structured wiring. VLAN network design and configuration, with restricted internet access with Cisco routers and switches.  Design a network for a software development organization based on VLAN with Cisco routers and switches. Network design proposal for airport for following departments:

1. Airport authority

2. Flight service providers

3. Guests.

Include active networking components (Routers, switches, wireless access points etc.), using IP network design for each department. Creating and mapping IP networks with VLANS.

NTP Time Server

NTP protocol designed to synchronize the clocks over a network.

LAN / WAN Networks

Wide Area Network design


Turnkey Projects

Design and installation of turnkey network.

Cable trays and raceways

Routing the cables

Routing the cables on cable trays and raceways, and below the technical-floor.


Automated Weather Observing System


Land Communications

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Fiber Optic Networks are the most reliable mode of communication

Routing the cables on

cable trays

NTP Time Server with

CISCO Roouter

Cable trays and raceways

Active networking components

Turnkey Projects

Server connection


Aeronautical Telecommunications

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