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Mobile ATC Tower

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Design, integration, installation and maintenance for Airport and Air Traffic Control Systems, aeronautical telecommunications infrastructure, telephony equipment, radio communication equipment, satellite, fibre optics, routers and computer networks, communication channels leased from telecommunications concessionaires, and a universe of resources scattered throughout the country, even the most remote locations. To ensure the availability of these resources in a smooth and flawless - which could undermine the work of the controllers - it is necessary to perform regular reviews of the system, which permeate all areas involved, from the management of contracts up to the occasional proceeding.


Management, analysis, commissioning, inspection.

Reliable and safe integration through equipment of valued manufacturers strictly complying with ICAO standards are vital. Hand out of stable solutions projects, more cost-effective, based on the latest technologies and development. All services (VCCS, AWOS Systems, ATIS, FIDS, NavAids, ADS-B, AMHS/AFTN Communications, G/G, G/A, VSAT, etc.), supplied by different manufacturers are integrated presenting the best solutions. However, in case of specific requirements, each service can be customized to the client’s needs. Communication between control organs - which are the Air Traffic Controllers - is critical. This is because when an aircraft crosses the airspace, it crosses different control regions. When they cross it is essential to exchange information between organs, each responsible for their region, to transfer the aircraft region to region during the flight. Thus, it is tracked and monitored during all phases of their flight.


The services of air traffic control are strongly supported in the use of communications. Communications between air traffic controllers and pilots, e.g., must elapse clearly and objectively.

Technical Services, Consulting

Mobile ATC Tower


Automated Weather Observing System


 Design a network


Land Communications

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Aeronautical Telecommunications

Presenting to the ENANA’s administrators and directors , the systems installed

  Luanda’s Control Tower


Recording System 124Ch

The new Control Tower in Maputo, Mozambique.

   ILS System in Africa

Secondary radar in its installation phase- Portugal

One of the Mobile ATC Tower deployed in Angola

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