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Land Communications

Design, integration, installation


Mobile communications

HF features implementations

Email traffic to any Internet mail address worldwide. Internet Gateway provides a seamless portal to and from the Internet and HF network either via dial up connection or LAN mail server.

High-Power HF Systems

Base Sites, Tactical,  Airborne with Voice and Data capabilities, man-pack, and Naval

Microwave Radios

Digital microwave includes PDH, SDH, Spread Spectrum, Point-to-Point radio terminals, Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) Broadband solution (TCP/IP)

Analogue, Digital, Trunk System

VHF Systems

VHF FM - For Ground applications, handheld, Base Station, vehicular, tracked, airborne systems, G/G, with Voice and data capabilities, naval and modes.

VHF AM - For G/A Aviation band, for mobile, fixed, airborne applications, monoCh, MultiCh,configuration.


For G/A and A/A applications with A/J mode, Voice & Data capabilities, vehicular, Base station, airborne systems, multiCh, monoCh and  naval configurations.

Multi Band

Advanced Multi Band radios covering low VHF, High VHF, UHF, AM/FM, VOICE/DATA, Clear/Secure / AntiJam capabilities, mobile, airborne, Base Station sites and naval.

Wide Band Data Radio Terminals

Wide band data communications, location iby GPS based capabilities.


VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) commonly used to transmit narrowband data like for RFID or SCADA applications or broadband data for Satellite Internet Access to remote locations, VOIP or video. VSATs are also used for portable, on-the-move or mobile maritime applications.

Inmarsat mini-M satphone

Portable Earth Station, dual Channel mini-M, M4 HSD services, flexible configurations.

Radio Modems/Routers

Full duplex data communications capabilities, Hardware/ Software packages. All type of radio communications and  IP network.


Digital PMR, fixed and mobile, Tetra and 3G/Cellular.

Sealing system

Seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability. It prevent damage from water, fire, gas, sand, dust, and dirt.


Automated Weather Observing System


 Design a network

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Land communications Projects

BS Repeater with the duplexer filter

Picture of site intervention

High-Power HF Systems

Seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability.

Link Bridge designed

Mobile installation

Tower for fire brigade’s antenna links


Aeronautical Telecommunications

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Marine equipment

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